Digital Mp3 Version of “In a Blink of an Eye”




From the group known as The Trauma Center Has released his first solo project Entitled “In a Blink of an Eye”. This album features a few of the Trauma Center members and some other artist on few tracks.

Hit singles released off of this Album
1. “Follow The Laws” Mr. Radical featuring Chad Anthony on the Hook
2. “In a Blink of an Eye” Mr. Radical featuring Madd Rhyma, & Karim Beatz on the hook
3. “I’m a Rebel” Mr. Radical Featuring Nex Millen
4. “It’s looking Critical” Mr. Radical featuring Eagle from SWC.
This album is an representation of what Mr. Radical describes as “Holy Hip Hop” which is hot Hip Hop tracks, with lyrics that send a powerful positive message or scripture to help elevate, educate, and motivate people.
Mr. Radical’s ability to deliver scriptures in lyrical form is unlike any other hip hop, christian rap, or gospel rap song ever heard before, not only that but he touches on political topics that some don’t dare to speak on classifying him as a Radical.


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