Trauma Center Unreleased Cuts from the 90’s

Check out some of the Trauma Center’s unreleased  hits from back in the 90’s 


“Down The Bottom Days”

Dabottom pics shep



“Over-Worked & Under-Paid” (1996) by The Trauma Center



4 thoughts on “Trauma Center Unreleased Cuts from the 90’s

  1. yeah this that hot ish

  2. I love living in the fast lane. Too many people living wrong n only interested in life riches.

    1. Yes, the people living wrong hasn’t too much brain to make their own knowledge and they live in the unreality to be complex about the wrong hypocrite characters face in any society to think about money, women and materials but they have forget the word life as every human die in this planet earth and everything you have doesn’t exist anymore with you when you die under the land. Pleasure to respond about your message, I have my own account too. Peace!!!

  3. Dope tracks

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